Thursday, October 2, 2008 kuet's website is the official website of khulna university of engineering and technology. but what is the standard of this website. the colours used in this site are disturbing to eyes. moreover, it shows a big picture of a pond of kuet which also increase the load time.
official site of kuet(take a look): is also technically not up to the mark. it uses the old table form(till 1st October, 2008) which was the tradition in mid 90s. why should kuet stay behind by that margin. looks the most ordinary site among all the public university for engineering. and what about private university? well they are far ahead than our . they simply looks like professional sites and that is what they actually are. but our site is still looks like a home made unprofessional site. what about hashem sir(head of CSE). why are you not taking a good step to provide a good looking professional site? you guys can't provide us good internet and now you are also proving unable to provide a good looking website?

kuet is an engineering university and web site development is a part of the curriculum. and if the website of this university looks so ordinary than it obviously makes a bad impression. students of higher secondary get familiar with kuet through the web site first. and if the first impression is so ordinary then... and also the people of foreign country gets familiar with the university through perhaps we don't care about such thinks or we don't take internet as an important thing(!).

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